How to Select Tags To Show in WordPress Sidebar with selective tag cloud widget

want to specify tags to show in your blog’s sidebar?

As at the time of publishing this post, if you add the Tag cloud widget to your WordPress
sidebar, you will not be able to select tags you would like to show and
hide those you don’t want to show on the sidebar. This can be so
annoying especially if you’ve created lots of tags on your site.

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So, for you to show select tags in your WordPress sidebar or footer, you
have to rely on third-party plugins or WordPress themes that come with
such widget. Imagine, this is what we do easily on Blogger by making use
of the Labels gadget.

If you are interested in a WordPress plugin that will allow you  show
selected tags cloud on the sidebar or footer of your WordPress site, you
can install the ‘Selective Tag Cloud Widget Plugin’.

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The plugin simply allows you to enter tags to show and it supports auto-complete.

wordpress plugin for displaying selective tags cloud

Once installed, go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and drag
the “Selective Topics” widget to your WordPress sidebar. Thereafter,
enter the tags (separated by comma). Auto-suggestion makes it very easy
to enter the tags.

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Save and view your blog and that’s it.

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