Buhari made his way to the dictionary (joke)

Since  Buhari  is the  most  mentioned name  in

Nigeria dis  year, i think Oxford dictionary should  consider  creating a space for  him  in the  dictionary.

nouns: Buhari
1. hard, hardship, difficult, harsh, tough.
e.g the  economy is now Buhari for  the  masses
synonyms- onerous, sterous, arduous, grueling, painful, hellish.
Antonyms:  easy, smooth, simple.
2. to make complete, worse, unbearable.
e.g “please don’t come and  Buharificate issues here”.
“they only way  to reduce applicants is to Buharify  process.
synonyms- complicate, exacerbate, degenerate.
Antonyms – Buharify.
3. terrible, hectic, difficult.
Synonyms:  tough,knotty, thorny.
Antonyms: fantastic, splendid, bi pleasant.
e.g how  was  your  exam?
it  was  Buharific
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