Discuss the descent of the testis and the anomalies inve

Introduction: the testis begin to develop during the fifth week of embryonic life. It develops in the abdominal region and by the end of the second month the testis  and the mesonephros are attached to the posterior abdominal wall by the urinogenital mesentery.
Descent of the testis: the gubernaculums testis, a mesenchymal strand, extends from the caudal end of the developing testis along the course of its descent to blend into the scrotal fascia.
In the third month of fetal life an extension of the peritoneal cavity invades the gubernacular mesenchyme and projects into the scrotum posterior to the processus vaginalis and is covered by the tunica vaginalis.
The following are the position of the testis at different times:
Age of fetus/position of the testis:
Third month/ Reaches the iliac fossa
Seventh month/Traverses inguinal canal
Eighth month/Reaches the external ring
Nineth month/Descends into the scrotum.
Cryptorchism (undescended testis): the testis is supposed to arrive the scrotum by birth, but one or both may remain in the pelvis or inguinal canal until puberty before it descends. This condition is called cryptochism. It is due to abnormal androgen production.

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