how join jumia affiliate program with/without a website



markets affiliate program is a program designed specifically to create
opportunity for young Nigerians (both employed and unemployed) to work with
jumia without restriction. This program has been designed in such a way that it
doesn’t feel like work while working because it has been formulated with
flexibility in mind. This program allows you to work with Jumia as a marketer
(called affiliate in the online world) with your social network accounts such
as facebook, twitter, instagram, BBM and all other social networks. The program
was initially designed for website owners but after while, we opened the door
to everybody who has an on any social network, this is to give every young
Nigerian a chance to work with us and make money.


you register as a new member, you’ll get 500 Naira instantly
earn a commission whenever someone buy a product through you.
can also earn by recruiting new members to join the program, you will be given
300 Naira when their application is approved.
and offers are given to top members.
receive your money at the end of every month so far as reaches the minimum
threshold of 3000 (ie, above 3000 Naira.)

How to join with or without
a website

here to go to their website
in the form (your name, email, address, bank account number and name which they
will pay you with, and website or social network account address)
NOTE: In the space for website URL, fill in the link to your facebook,
twitter or instagram account if you don’t have a website. (for example, if you
have a twitter account you will fill in as or instagram,, replace my username with your own, if you have a
facebook page then use the link of your facebook page. If you want to use your
facebook account get the link to your facebook account:
How to know the link to your facebook account
  1. Log into Facebook using operamini or any other browser,
    then click on your name in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Look in the address bar in your browser and you will
    see something like
    Copy it and use it for the registration.
If you finish registration, they
will have to look at your profile to see if you are eligible or not. After
which they will send you an email that they have approved you, this usually
takes 1-3 business days. Follow the link in the email they send to you to set
your username and password which you will use to login and start working.

How to succeed in this work

The only
way to succeed in this job is to target traffic/Interested People:
Beleive me, there is little or no
point in getting people that are not interested in whatever you have to sell.
So, going to a facebook group about phones and posting some affiliate
links about clothing may not actually give you some meaningful conversions. Besides,
it becomes spamming when you start bringing in irrelevant things such as that.
This will go
a long way in helping you to make good and fast sales as an affiliate
and ultimately succeed in the industry
Now that you have known what you need to be a successful affiliate marketer,
let’s go ahead and see how one can register and start publishing ads!
Actually, monetizing your site or social account with jumia is going to take
some crucial steps and I will explain it here in two stages. The first stage is
about getting your affiliate account approved while the second has to do with
placing your links on your site and making some money with them, I guess the
juicy part of the whole thing!
to promote products on jumia market
 Login to your Jumia dashboard and navigate to
the promotion tab.

In there, you will see lots of products on sale for you to
choose from. you have to be tactical here and chose the one that your audience
wants just as I have already explained above.
Then copy
the link, go and write a post about the product and paste the generated code in
your posts so that people can follow the link to go to jumia site and buy but
make sure you tell them the benefits of buying it from jumia (market it well or
else they will not buy)
That’s how
you can generate ad code for your selected products in Jumia dashboard as an
affiliate marketer.
It’s quite a simple task and you can always
repeat it whenever you wish to promote another product.

How to get your recruitment

Like I said
earlier, you can make a killer income out of the jumia affiliate program by
recruiting young people to join the network, you’ll be paid 300Naira per person
and you’ll also earn commission when they start making money from the program
which means, you can be making six figures income per month if you recruit
dedicated people who are seriously making money from the program. All you need
is to get a code which you’ll use to recruit people, they will have to use your
link to register and you’ll be credited immediately their application gets
You can get the
code by navigating to “Promotion’ > “Advanced Tools” >
‘Sign Up Sub-affiliates”, you will see the code, it looks like the one
Copy it and start
recruiting people.
                                    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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