How to import rss feeds to your blogspot blog

There has never
been a blogger who is king of content. There are topics you are not good
at but they are on other blogs, but at times you may wish to give your
readers some of those contents. This is where rss feeds importation
comes into play; this feature enables you to automatically showcase
posts from other blogs on your blog. This is a cool feature as it gives
your blog more authority like it has everything. Though RSS feeds may
typically require complex coding to include, Blogspot provides a
built-in feature for easy access. In this tutorial, I would be showing
you the step by step way you can follow to import rss feeds to your blog

Step 1
Locate an RSS feed you want to use. You can distinguish such feeds on
websites because of their orange icons (link in Resources). Clicking an
icon gives you the feed address, which you can then copy. If it does
not, try right-clicking on the icon and selecting “Copy Link Location.”
Step 2
Click the name of your blog from the Blogger Dashboard to show its Overview page.
Step 3
Click “Layout” to show the Layout page and click “Add a Gadget” to show
the Add a Gadget window. Locate the Feed gadget by scrolling down the
page. Click the gadget’s “+” button to display the Configure Feed
Step 4
Enter the RSS address in the “Feed URL” box, then click the “Continue”
button to display your feed options. You can enter a new title, specify
the number of feed items to show, and whether to also include the dates
and the sources with each item. Your changes are reflected in the
Preview box.
Step 5
Click the “Save” button to close the Configure Feed window and return to
the Layout page. The feed gadget you just added appears at the head of
your gadget list. To move it to a new location, click on it and hold
down the left mouse key, then drag the gadget, such as to under the Blog
Posts box, and let go of the key. The gadget snaps into place. Click
the “Save Arrangement” button if you moved the gadget.
Finally, preview your blog to check if the change you just made is working fine.

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