how to increase a blog’s page rank

How to build traffic without losing traffic: the best
tutorial to gain traffic for your blog

The most important thing every new blogger in the
blogosphere needs is to improve his blog’s traffick but, most bloggers tend to
do this in a very wrong manner. As far as am concern, building traffick for
your blog should not just be a one-time off traffick but consistent traffick,
and almost every tutorial I’ve seen out there doesn’t teach this process, they’d
rather teach you to improve the traffick of someone else’s and never yours. One
of the reasons your blog’s page views increase today and decrease tomorrow is because
you adopt the one-time off mode of building. I don’t know how you see it but I
think you should build consistent traffick for your blog and never go the wrong
way which is why I put up this article to teach you how you can build a successful
traffick that never fails as outlined below.
Write quality contents: no matter what ‘content
is king’, you can never have visitors to your blog unless you put up things
that could make them do so, so the first thing you should think of is to start
making unique quality posts on your blog.
Build and submit your site map to search
submitting site map to search engines search as google, yahoo and bing
would help search engines to know what’s on your blog and properly index it,
use xml-sitemap to do this.
Build social network connections: having
accounts with the major social networks such as facebook, twitter, google plus,
linkedin could be a great step to build a loyal and steady audience. For
example I use fb, twitter and googl+, while I focus so much on my facebook
page, I have my blog auto-share my posts to twitter and G+. it’s all a matter
of understanding where your audience is and meeting them there. Mean while,
sharing your post to google plus have a great impact on your traffick, one
thing I discovered is that google indexes google+ accounts, I once saw one of
my posts which I shared to my profile at the top of search results. I strongly
recommend that you create a facebook fan page and read my tutorial on how to
get more enagements for your fan page.
Don’t just stop at SEO, do PSO: A very reason
part of blogging is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ie, making your contents
search engines-friendly but don’t stop at that, do PSO (Personal Search
Optimization), this is what I do and it works for me so I name it PSO, it
involves carrying out a little introspection and writing titles and headings
the way you’ll personally type them in search engines if you are to search for
something similar and don’t be surprised that hundreds of thousands of people
out there will put up search  just as you
do. And by the way, I have a ready-for-launch mini pdf that could teach you to improve your
SEO skill.
Reduce the competition: A lot of bloggers think
that posting in forums or making guest posts on other blogs would help increase
traffick but this would affect your blog in the long run as it increases
competition for keyword and as we know, search engines will index those forums
before any other blog (especially yours which is very new, it wouldn’t show in
search results) so, it’ll be wise not to post much in forums (I personally don’t
post in forums at all) but there are other ways you can use forums to drive
traffick to your websitewhich will be covered in  my mini page SEO tutorial pdf

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