Afriadverts Review; Is Afriadverts Legit to make 5k per day?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

Is Afriadverts a good ads network, are they paying, how much can I make with afriadverts and  can I see a payment proof?

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

It could be a better ad network to make more than 5k per day; Making such an amount or more is what most of us desires (our primary aim for blogging) but this can happen only if they start holding on to their promises, those guys are something else.
It’s all the same with Nigerian ad networks (great promises that can’t be delivered). I signed up with with them sometime ago. Their homepage then was like, you can register even without a website and share links on your social accounts, reversed was the case. Contacted them and the guy was like they disabled the feature due to misuse by publishers (LOL!)
I decided to run their ads on one of my blogs only to see negative balance, Man! so my blog could not generate even five Naira from over 1k pageviews and the only clicks they managed to give me amounted to my balance reading minus (Haba! na Una the pay for my web hosting abi)

Sulhazan Staff answered 11 months ago

afri adverts review
It’s always better to try it out, you may be lucky to have a good time with them but  make sure your blog has a reasonable number of hits before doing so or else you may waste your precious blocks getting 20 Naira per month from this network and be feeling like they have something good to offer.

  1. •You will have to Visit the AfriAdverts network and Sign up as a publisher .
  2. • you should after then Click on the menu button and select sites
  3. • Add your site, and verify it using the meta tags given to you on the afriadverts site.
  4. • Navigate to your site (Blogger or WordPress) amd place the code right after the <head> tag
  5. • Come back to your AfriAdverts dashboard and click on verify
  6. • After verification, create ads unit, place on your site and make your cash.

But hey buddy! Am still not a fan of those thieves till they prove us wrong by changing their current attitude.