Data selling business; How much Can I make reselling data at a cheaper rate?

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Mark Moon asked 10 months ago

How Can I sell MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile data at a cheaper rate and make money?

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 10 months ago

The ways and how much you can make money selling data all depends on you. No business is a good business because they all depend on the entrepreneur to survive.
Although you can make a killer income with data share business and you still loose all your capital, either way, it all depends on you. Example below is the answer I gave on MTN data share business. LIke I said it all depends on you.
MTN data share business used to be one of the most lucrative business with a capital less than 10k but it got discouraged by MTN recently when they changed the rate.It used to be that one buys 10GB for N5500 but it’s now 10GB for 7500. Below is structure of how this MTN Data share business used to work

  • Buy 10GB from MTN for N5500 which equals N550 per Gigabyte
  • sell 1GB for N700 to your customers
  • you get N150 for 1GB
  • which equals N1500 for the 10GB you purchased.
  • which means with a customer size of 100 persons per month, you’ll have 15K in your pocket by the end of the month.

But now that mtn have changed the rate to N750, the business is now a no go business because the only thing that used to attract customers was the fact that they could actually get 1Gb for N700 and with a 90 days validity period.
MTN data share business can still be lucrative for you if you have upto 30K to invest. check below:

  • BUy 50GB from MTN for 30k which equals N600 per Gigabyte
  • sell 1gb for N700 or N750
  • you’ll get 5k ROI (Return on investment) if you sell it for N700 and N7500 if you sell it for N750
  • so with 100 customers per month, you can either make 10k or 15k per month.

There are websites like mobilenig and datahub you can resell data for and still make some cool cash but I don’t recommend them because they both suck! MObilenig have alot of server issues while datahub is a total scam, MY first and last experience with datahub was when I paid for N700 for 9mobile 1Gb in August, It’s September 25th, neither did they send me the data nor refund the money.
Data share business is still lucrative if you can manage your way out to being