how do I buy data on mtn

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Angelmimi asked 8 months ago

please how do you purchase data on mtn

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 8 months ago

MTN Data Plan Codes
MTN has just nine data plans currently making it quite easy to choose from, their weekend and night browsing plans have been stopped for now.
These are the codes for all MTN data plans in 2018, to get information about the different data plans you can also dial *131*1# and follow the instructions.
MTN 100 Naira Data Plan
This is the lowest and cheapest MTN data plan, it offers 50 Megabytes of data for 100 Naira only, it has a 24 hour validity period and the code to subscribe is by texting 104 to 131. This plan is suitable if you want to test the internet network strength in your area before buying a more expensive long lasting plan or if you need to browse immediately and don’t have much money.
MTN 200 Naira Data Plan
MTN offers another daily data plan worth 200 Naira for 150MB, it is only valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase, to subscribe simply load 200 Naira MTN airtime and text 113 to 131.
MTN 300 Naira 150MB Data Plan
The MTN 300 Naira data plan is quite new and offers the same 150 MB data as the 200 Naira plan, the only difference is that it has a validity period of 7 Days, 24 hours daily while the 200 Naira plan is valid only for 1 day, to subscribe text 102 to 131. This plan is useful if you are a light data user and need it to last longer than a day.
MTN 500 Naira Data Plan
With 500 Naira, MTN will provide you with 500 megabytes of data + 250MB bonus data valid for 7 days, 24 hours daily, to subscribe text 103 to 131.
The bonus data will be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00am daily on MTN Deal Zone
MTN 1000 Naira 1GB Data Plan
The MTN 1000 Naira data bundle is probably the most popular; it offers 1GB of data which is suitable for most average internet users. MTN has added 500MB bonus data which brings it to a total of 1.5GB, it is valid for 30 days, 24 hours daily. You can subscribe to the MTN 1000 Naira data plan by texting 106 to 131.
The bonus data will be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00am daily on MTN Deal Zone
MTN 1200 Naira Data Plan
MTN offers 1.5GB of data for 1200 Naira, this is different from the 1,000 Naira MTN data bundle because you can use all the data at any time unlike the former where the 500MB bonus data can only be used at specific times. It has a 30 day, 24 hours daily validity period, to subscribe, text 130 to 131
MTN 2000 Naira Data Plan
MTN 2000 Naira data bundle offers 2.5GB of data with extra 1GB bonus data with a validity period of 30 days available 24 hours daily. To subscribe for MTN 200 Naira data plan, text 110 to 131.
The bonus data will be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00am daily on MTN Deal Zone
MTN 3500 Naira 5GB Data Plan
MTN offers 5GB of data for 3500 Naira for heavy data users, it is valid for 30 days, 24 hours daily. To subscribe for the MTN 5GB plan, text 107 to 131.
MTN 5000 Naira 10GB Data Plan
With 5,000 Naira, you can get 10GB of data on the MTN network, valid for 30 days at all hours of the day. To subscribe for the 10GB MTN data plan, text 116 to 131.
This plan is effective for browsing on personal computers and tablets.
MTN 10,000 Naira 22GB Data Plan
With the 22GB MTN data plan, you can easily create a hotspot which family and friends can connect to for easy browsing at a reduced price. It costs 10,000 Naira and is valid 24/7, 30 days, to subscribe text 117 to 131.

MTN 20,000 Naira 50GB Data Plan

This plan is for heavy users such as a large family or a small to medium sized company. It offers 50 Gigabytes of data for 20,000 Naira valid for 60 days, 24/7. To subscribe for the MTN 50GB data plan, text 118 to 131.
MTN 50,000 Naira 85GB Data Plan
This is the largest and most expensive MTN data plan, it offers 85GB of data valid for 90 days, available 24/7 at 50,000 Naira. To subscribe for the 85GB MTN data bundle, text 133 to 131.
MTN Data Plans for Android & iPhone
In the past, MTN used to have separate data plans for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other devices but currently, all MTN data plans have been merged into one group therefore any data plan will work for any device except older blackberry handsets. Use any of the data codes above for your iPhone, Android or other smartphones and it will work perfectly fine.

Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 8 months ago

To buy MTN data, follow these steps:
Make sure your MTN line is in your phone and is active
Recharge your MTN line with the amount you need for your preferred data plan
Dial the code or send the SMS for the data plan you want using the codes above
A screen will appear asking you to confirm your purchase
Type 1 for Yes and click OK
You will receive a message saying your purchase is successful and the amount of data you bought
Note that if you are using a dual SIM Android phone, you will have to check your SIM settings in the Settings menu to make sure that MTN is set as the preferred network for browsing because only one network can be set to browse at a time.
Also check the cellular network settings to ensure that the preferred network type is what you want it to be whether 3G only, 2G only, 3G & 2G or 4G.
Also note that it is better to buy a more expensive data plan with more data allowance that will last longer than to buy a cheaper data bundle that will cost you more over the same period because you buy it multiple times.