How do I get U.S phone number that works for free in Nigeria

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Mark Moon asked 9 months ago
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Mark Moon answered 9 months ago

How to Easily Get a US Phone Number for Free in Nigeria

  • The easiest way to get a US Phone Number in Nigeria is by installing an Android app called Text Plus App.
  • Unfortunately, Text Plus App is only available to people from the United States but, there is a trick you can use to get this app working in Nigeria

Simple Trick to Download Text Plus App in Nigeria
Kindly search and install “Zenmate VPN” from Google Play. After installation, register for a free trial and set country to the United States.
After this, on your smartphone, navigate to Android Settings >> Application >> All Application >> GooglePlay Store. Select Clear Cache and then Force Stop.
You can then open the Google Play App again and search for “Text Plus App” or download from Playstore through this link.
After successful installation, open the App and click on signup. Then Fill in your details and in the end, you will be offered a US Phone Number right in Nigeria.
Note that the US Phone Number given can be used for all online registrations even if it requires verification.
It’s easy, you’ve seen how to get a U.S.A phone number in Nigeria, you can also use this trick in Ghana, Kenya or any other country.