how do I Move my phone Number to another Network?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

Can I Move my Mobile Number to another Network, e.g from mtn to 9mobile or Glo to Airtel

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

walk into any of the branches of the new network provider you want to switch to,you will be asked to fill a Subscriber Porting Request Form,or an equivalent of that.

In this form you are expected to provide some of your personal details. Some of the details include:

The name of your existing network

Your first and last names
Your gender

Mobile number to be ported

Your date of birth

A form of national identification ie national ID, valid driver’s license, international passport or voter’s registration card.

Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

after submitting your personal details to the new network provider that you want to subscribe with,follow the steps below:

The customer service agent or the person attending to you will send a ” porting request message” to the ” MNP Central Reference Database (CRDB) ” informing them of your request to port.

You will probably be issued a new sim card which you will pay for (most likely)
Then you will be asked to send the word ” PORT ” to the short code ” 3232 ” from your line that you want to port from.

After the porting request is sent,after some hours,between 24-48hrs you will receive a response sms from the system informing you that the porting request is being processed.

The Sms should look like this:
“We are processing your request (New Network Provider) will send you a confirmation once completed. Thank you !”

After some hours you will receive another SMS instructing you to replace your old sim, with the new sim you were issued.

very Easy You will then start using your GSM number on the new GSM network provider of your choice.