how do i start a boutique business without huge capital?

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Bellajay asked 9 months ago

what is the easiest way to start a boutique business without much stress or requiring huge capital?

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Sulhazan Staff answered 9 months ago

wao! someone is about to start a very lucrative business.

Boutique business in Nigeria is a cool business. even the used clothes market is a killer!

You can make it in that line of business real quick.

I always feel good whenever I meet people with interest to start a business.

Having your own business running is the only thing I consider as employment, unfortunately, 99% of Nigeria youth don’t see this as employment which is why our unemployment rate is always high.

There are a lot of people in this country who are currently earning above the average federal government worker but still doesn’t believe he is employed.

Their definition of Employment in Nigeria is being on a pay job.

I’ve seen a number of guys tag themselves as ‘unemployed’ but are earning almost or over a 100k monthly from their personal business.

Let me get to your question.
Of course you can a start boutique business with as little as 100k and get a good return.

Fashion industry just like agricultural sector, is an ever green industry.

People can’t leave without clothing.

No matter how hard things get for an average Nigerian, they’ll always find a means to buy new wears during celebration seasons.

No body wants to go to church with old clothes on Christmas day or so to eid ground during sallah.

I think that’s an advantage for you to leverage and make enough cash while running your boutique business.

It’s easy to get into boutique business with any level of capital starting from ₦100, 000; if you want to start small.

You can specialise in any area like the handkerchief, undies, okrika clothes or even decide to buy clothes at a wholesale price and resell to retailers.

Your model of business will depend on your capital, location and the available resources.

You know this already but let me still say because of its importance, You’ll need to rent a shop and it can vary with location.

Get your shop well furnished with fancy decorations.

As with every business, you need to understand it to the best of your ability and work smarter than every of your competitors.

Have a good business plan that can keep you in the market for a long term.

Take your mind off getting any job to be one the government or someone else’s pay roll.

This is the reason most young Nigerians fail at their businesses, the see their business as a means of survival while they wait to get a pay job.

They end up spending 1000 naira in cyber cafe every week just to apply for one federal job or the other that they are never going to get.

This 1k could do something meaningful in your business.

Some will even go to the extent of bribing someone with huge sun of money just to get a job and be under someone.

They end up loosing their money because Most of these are scam.

Maybe the money was meant to order for new goods in their shop; successfully got unemployed!

sorry for the unnecessary story but don’t make the same mistake as them, you can pay yourself better than any government or company will.

You should also think and work towards expansion in the shortest time possible.

finally, never stop research on the latest fashion trend. As a boutique Owner Always look out for the latest designers and styles before you place new orders.