how far is Australia from Nigeria?

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Mark Moon asked 7 months ago

guys please what is the distance between Nigeria and Australia. How many hours will it take?

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Sulhazan Staff answered 7 months ago

Australia is 13,967 kilometers away from Nigeria. This is equal to 8,679 miles.
going from Nigeria to Australia by plane should take about 13 to 15hours.
Australia is located on Latitude -25.27440, Longitude 133.77513, Altitude 399 m with a GPS Coordinates (DMS) 25° 16´ 27.8400” S
133° 46´ 30.4680” E

Nigeria is located on Latitude 9.08200, Longitude 8.67528, Altitude 482 m with a GPS Coordinates of 9° 4´ 55.2000” N
8° 40´ 31.0080” E

Australia is 8, 679miles far from Nigeria which can take about 13-15hrs direct travel time but in most cases you will have to transit 2-4 times which may take your journey to the next day