BIDVERTISER REVIEW; How much can I make with bidvertiser?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

does anyone here use bidvertiser with a Nigerian; indian or Kenya blog? how much or how well do they pay?

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Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

It all depends on your traffic volume.

Bidvertiser adopts CPC, CPM and CPA mode of advertising so it will also depend on the advertisers bid your traffick.

Assuming you get a lot of CPC bids as always the case you you get enough clicks, you will earn a lot of money with bidvertiser.

Let’s say you sent about 25k impressions with a about 200 clicks.

In a scenario where your CPC rate is 0.03 assuming your audience is from 3rd tier countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya or India. You will earn roughly $6 from the impression you sent but if your audience is from 1st tier countries like the U.S where you can get over a dollar per click. You are definitely going to make reasonable money with bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser have the following Ad Formats available for their publishers and they recently launched a CPC based direct ads so the earning opportunity with them has increased.

Vertical Rectangle – Size – 240 x 400
Medium Rectangle – Size – 300 x 250
Large Rectangle – Size – 336 x 280
Rectangle – Size – 180 x 150
Half Banner – Size – 234 x 60
Full Banner– Size – 468 x 60
Vertical Banner – Size – 120 x 240
Square Button– Size – 125 x 125
Leaderboard – Size – 728 x 90
Skyscraper – Size – 120 x 600
Wide Skyscraper – Size – 160 x 600
Half Page Ad – Size – 300 x 600
Mobile Ads – Size – 300×50
XML Feeds
Pop-Under Ads
Slider Ads

Bidvertiser Pay via
Paypal, Payza
M, Wire Transfer, Check and Western Union when you reach a Minimum Payout Threshold which is $10. It means that you don’t have to wait long for your first payment with Bidvertiser to arrive. This is cool because if you are just starting out as a blogger, $10 will go a long way to help your blogging career.

Even if it’s nothing to you, it will motivate you to work harder. Yes, you no longer have to search on Google for payment proofs in order to stay motivated.
You can also earn money from Bidvertiser with their referral program.

You can promote Bidvertiser by a writing a review blog post or use their highly convertible banner ads.

For instance, when your referred publisher touches the $10 mark, you will be paid $10 in commission for that.

Awesome right? If you have friends who are bloggers or belong to any bloggers group, you are likely to make a killer income with their referral program.

To earn much with bidvertiser, below are some cool tips I found on EG which I recommend you try out:
Use Rectangle/Banner Ads in between the posts: You can place the ads below the post title or at the end of the post or even at both the places.

Place the ads above the fold

Use their Toolbar and XML feeds ads

Use slider or pop-under ads to boost your earnings.
Don’t incorporate more than three ads: Fewer ads can lead to more money.

Experiment with your ad positions

Work on your blog and increase your visitors
Be patient: You need to be patient with Bidvertiser. It will reward with high PPC rates and exposure to better advertisers.

Lastly, don’t give up: Work on your blog and content.