How much does it cost to start a blog?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

In July I contacted a guy to help me create a blog but I got discouraged with his 25k starting price: How much does it actually cost to create a blog in Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

Don’t feel like the guy wanted to cheat you or so, creating of websites can even cost you more than a billion.
It all boils down to the type of website you want and how much job he is going to handle to help you get it done.
You don’t expect him to charge 10k for a website that will cost him more than 15k on just hosting.
Also, level of professional experience matters. A new web designer may want to keep everything low key to win a client but trust me, you may not get a quality website.
Normally, developing a website from scratch will be more expensive to using a CMS such as WordPress.
From the 25k tag he gave you, he is definitely a CMS web designer, I think the price is a little cheap considering the fact that he’ll also have to teach you how to use the platform and also handle technical issues from time to time.
If the cost is high for you just then you either try and renegotiate, narrow your requirements or look for another guy to do the Job but make sure you tell them what features you want to have on your blog to avoid any form of regrets.

you can also learn to create a WordPress site yourself but this may take time since you are going to learn but it’s worth it because it can cut down the cost to like 50% or more. Although it may not be as professional as what you may get if you pay a good designer but as you continue to use the platform, you’ll get used to most of the features.
You may even end up creating blogs for people and taking the cash.
I don’t know how the process may be for you but it was like creating a Facebook account for me when I created my first blog.
it will cost you something around $30 per year for most basic plans but it could be more so do your research well