How to configure the yoast plugin for fast and efficient SEO

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Mark Moon asked 2 years ago

I just bought the famous Yoast SEO plugin, please someone should teach me how to properly set it up for better SEO

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Mark Moon answered 2 years ago

Since SEO appears to be very rigid and ambiguous for many blog and site owners, that is why some go to some extent of hiring SEO experts for SEO setups on their blogs and websites. But there is much you can do using your customizable tools made available for you on your site.
Talking about the Yoast setup guide using your Yoast SEO plugin + WordPress Site/Blog. WordPress makes use of Open Source Software which means it’s highly customizable. And developers can develop plugins anytime they wish to do so. These plugins in turn allows one to set some possible features on their blogs/sites on WordPress.
Tip: If you want a powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use platform to host your website, you don’t have to look any further than WordPress.
What Is Yoast SEO And It’s Work

Yoast is a plugin developed for WordPress users to make onsite SEO very much easier for them. This tool or plugin do requires no coding at all. It is an already made plugin for all.
Yoast SEO are of two types, the free version and the premium version. Both versions of Yoast offer different experiences for users.
Features Of Free Version
• Two or less keyword space
• Availability of SEO title, meta slug and description
• Internal link counter
• Keyword analysis
Features Of Premium Yoast
Premium Yoast comprises of all features of free Yoast, but further features includes
• Six keyword space
• Redirect tool for any deleted post
• Ability to focus on multiple keywords
• Social sharing preview
• Glued AMP {Accelerated Mobile Pages}
• Internal linking suggestions
I’ll highly recommend a premium Yoast for better SEO. I can help you with one (Version 6.3.1 Premium) for free. Just drop your comments below together with your e-mail to receive it.
After receiving or if you already have it, you can easily install from your WordPress Dashboard >>> Plugins >>> Add New. Then upload. But if you find it difficult to upload through WordPress dashboard, login to your hosting cpanel, select the file manager section, then click on Public.html folder >>> Wp Contents >>> Plugins and then click on upload above.
After successfully uploading, extract the uploaded file in the folder and delete the zip file after extraction. Then navigate to your WordPress dashboard, under plugins and activate.
Now Let’s Move On To How To Set up Your Yoast SEO Plugin.
On your WordPress dashboard, select the SEO section at the bottom of your dashboard. Once it opens, setup your configuration wizard by adding your new site, filling the name, company’s name, Social sites, select pages to be indexed or not to be indexed.
Yoast will want to connect with your Search Console. If you choose “Reauthenticate with Google,” it will open a new window and ask you to log in to your Google account. Then it will give you a code to enter into Yoast. Make sure you have a search console account. If not, try to create one.
Title Setup
This is what you want to appear on search engines result after your title. You can choose any title separator you want but ti be on a safer side, choose default.
For sitemaps to be submitted to google, you can click on SEO on your WordPress dashboard, select XML Sitemaps and set the settings to your choice. If you wish to enable index of your posts, select enable and likewise do the same for any you want and wish to be indexed. Now after saving, select and copy the sitemap given to you which is usually in this form ” YOUR-SITE-URL/SITEMAP_INDEX.XML and submit to Google through your Google search console dashboard.
We are through with Yoast Major SEO issues for sites. Now let’s move over to how to use Yoast Plugin Itself On Posts and Pages…
Yoast SEO Usage
Yoast helps with on-page SEO a bit, including helping you optimize titles, meta tags and keywords.
But keep reading as I show you the power of Yoast and to explore more about Yoast.
Now after creating a content on your WordPress new post section, and scroll down to the bottom of your post, you’ll get to find the Yoast SEO box showing you Readability and Keywords section.
• The “Readability section” is shows how readable your post is. The Red colour gives you a sign to work on your post. The Yellow shows you can do better or quite OK. The Green shows it is definitely Good/Best. Yoast examines your posts immediately and give you a Readability feedback.
Yoast will also show you where you used same words on a sentence.
Yoast will also let you know if you use the passive voice too often, have overly complex sentences, use long paragraphs, or have overly long headings.
• The Keyword section shows you how your post will appear in the search results, the focus keyword, and Yoast’s analysis of how well optimized your post is. Yoast will automatically setup your meta description & SEO title. But sometimes you’ll want to edit your SEO title and description, click on edit snippet and set yours. But take note that Google tends to display the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. which is the maximum length Google will show in the search results.
If you go over the length, Google will display an ellipsis once 60 characters is reached.
So I highly recommend you allow Yoast to generate everything for you. They offer the best and will continue with the best.
As for your meta description, it’ll be generated by yoast too from your post. But incase you want to change to any you want to appear on google, have in mind that you’ve got about 160 characters to impress your readers and get that click, so use them wisely. Click on the meta description and set yours.