How to create a blog with blogger easily

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Mark Moon asked 2 years ago

How to create a website using blogger. I want to create a website to start a blogging career but the geek in my area said I should start with a blogger/blogspot blog since till I gain enough experience to fully take off. The question he refused to answer is How do I create a blogger site easily?

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Mark Moon answered 2 years ago

Creating a free blog to start a blogging career is a great step to take. Asides making money with your blog, Sharing your experience makes you popular and at the same time widens your knowledge too.
The below tutorial will be showing you how to create a free blog on where you can share your knowledge. Trial is not a wrong step to take. Most of bloggers out there can’t afford to start their blogging career on WordPress, so there is an option to start with blogger which is cheaper to setup. But if you still need to setup your blogs on WordPress.
Now talking about creating a blog on blogger, it is good to note somethings about blogger. is hosted by Google and at first comes with a extension but later can be changed once you purchase a custom domain (.com, .net, .org, etc).
Blogger is completely free because no yearly pay for hosting is needed and you just have to get your domain linked up to it.
So, lets get things started.
You have to visit Blogger Official Site and then sign up/in using your gmail account. Blogger only supports google accounts so try to create one if you don’t have.
visit blogger
enter your email address
After signing in, you will be redirected to a page, where you will be asked to create a new blog. Click on it and fill those fields accordingly
Give a suitable Title for your blog. As the title is very important for your blog.
Give a nice blog sub-domain. As this blog is a free blog you will be allowed to have the subdomain only ( @ the initial stage. Then at the later part, if you want a custom domain then you have to purchase it from any domain registration site and link it up.

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Select a nice and suitable template for the blog. You can change the theme later also.
After filling those details very well, click on the Create Blog button.
how to create a blogger blog
After clicking the create blog button, the new page will be opened. This page is the dashboard for your blog. From here you can customize your blog.
creating a blogger blog
To view how your blog looks, just click on the view blog option at the left sidebar of your dashboard. Or simple enter on a new tab on your browser to view it.
So you’ve successfully created your first blogger blog.
Explanations of Different functions on Your Blogger dashboard
• Posts:
The post section is one of the main part of the blog. All the articles you create will be displayed here like a list.
And You can create a new one by clicking Create a new post. A layout will display looking much similar to a MS Word. You can use the available tools to customize your texts and you can also create labels for posts created. Remember to click on create posts when you are done creating your posts.
• Stats:
From Stats, You can see how your blog is progressing. You can see the number of visitors on your blog. From which country your blog is getting more traffic. You can see the day to day statistics of your blog.
• Comments:
Comments includes replies made by your readers on your blog posts. You can see them here and can reply them from your comment section.
• Earnings:
First, you have to be qualified for Adsense application. After Google approved the AdSense proposal for your blog then your blog will be eligible for earning.

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• Campaigns:
Campaigns are to make your blog visible in the search results. Whenever people search in Google, if the keywords match with your blog posts, then they advertise your blog in the top of the results.
But payments are involved if you want your blog to be promoted using Google Adwords from your campaign section.
• Pages:
In the pages section, you can create Pages. Click create a new page which is written in the middle of the page to create new pages. You can create different static pages like About us, contact us and others. It is just like your post section, make your write-up and publish.
• Layout:
When you click on layout, you’ll see the different sections of your blog which includes;

Ads Section
Page List
Page Body
Post Body

Note: In some blog templates, it can be arranged either the same way listed above or otherwise. All you need to know is to get used to what layout ks all about.
From layout, you can perform some customizations for your blog, adding other features and cool stuff.
• Theme:
From the Theme section, there will be lots of templates from which you can select the most appropriate one for your blog. You can customize your blog with editing the options without any code or by coding in HTML is you are good at HTML.
• Settings:
Here is where the engine of your blog is based. You can perform so many things on your settings page like;
• Adding of authors
• You can change blog’s domain address.
• You can setup a custom domain from your settings page.
• You can set the privacy, search preferences and much more settings regarding the posts and comments.
• You can set your blog title and description.
And many more.
Be sure of what you need to do on your settings page before you start editting.
Incase you need professional help, I think the guys here at offers services like that, you can contact them and have a blog running in a short time