How to get Buysellads approval easily

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Bellajay asked 1 year ago

Am an African/Nigerian blogger and wish to monetize my blog with Buysellads, can anyone recommend me a way I could use to get quick approval?

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

How To Get BuySellAds Approval For Your Blogs

BuySellAsds is a market place for bloggers and companies owning a website to sell ads space directly to outsiders. BuySellAds sells your advertising space out to advertisers in the niche.
Though there are few things to have in mind before applying for BuySellAds.
Reasons Why BuySellAds Application will be Accepted.
• Blog design which includes neat and clean blog with good layouts.
• Updated on a regular basis
• Blog features
And Overall is having a good and professional blog or website.
Reasons Why your BuySellAds Application Will get Rejected.
• If your monthly impression is less than 100. So try to build your monthly views
• If you are trying to apply with porn sites. Porn sites are highly detectable and at such, applications made using porn sites are rejected immediately.
• Copied contents and sites which are not updated
• Having another language on your site aside English
• Applying without a custom domain on your blogs or sites
• And finally having a sluggish site (Site which loads very slow)
The bottom line is you only need a beautifully designed, fast blog with an optimum amount of traffic to get easy approval with most networks