How to Open A Clickbank Account in Nigeria Easily

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

Just trying to get started with affiliate marketing, I’ve read lots of book on affiliate marketing and i believe clickbank is the platform I would like to start with, Please how can I register on clickbank in Nigeria without issues

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Mark Moon answered 1 year ago

Clickbank is one of the world’s largest marketplace. Affiliate marketers and likewise sellers make billions of dollars everyday by doing what they know and what they love.
Information inform of ebooks, books and somewhat like them can be easily sold on clickbank and on the other hand, those who can’t sell can easily promote offers in exchange of money.
Affiliate marketers make much money in Clickbank due to the 70% commission paid to them per sales made through them. You too can be part of this moving train and that is what am going to share via this post.
Actually their is a limitation for Nigerians in Clickbank Signing Up but that won’t be an issue because your signing up processes will be shown here. But for other Countries, you can Sign Up For ClickBank now.
How To Sign Up For ClickBank In Nigeria
• Setting Up Your Payment System:
Before you sign up for clickbank, it’ll be a piece of advise to set up your payment system first. Clickbank pays through different channels including Payoneer. So make sure your payoneer account is fully verified and active. If not, try to do the needful by verifying it.
• ClickBank Signing Up:
Once you open the clickbank official site, click on sign up/Register and Use your normal name and email address and phone number during registration. In the country column, choose Ghana or any other available country. Now, browse for any virtual address on your selected country and fill in the spaces.
Please use noticeable addresses and postal codes
After the sign up processes, verify your email address and you are done.
• Fill Your Account Spaces:
Log into your payoneer account and get your account details which you’ll use to fill your clickbank account settings. The reason for that is for clickbank to send your payment once threshold is reached.
Now your approval message will be sent. Once received, log into your clickbank account and start promoting offers inorder to earn some bucks.
That’s how to open a clickbank account successfully in Nigeria. Some of these Information are sold out but I’ve decided to drop it for free for all to enjoy. Am neither the owner of clickbank nor the web developer but am an affiliate like you on clickbank so there is no point hiding how I successfully got in to clickbank affiliate.