NReporters Review; do they really pay?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

I just got an invitation to join Nreporters which promises to pay for reading news. But they request for a registration fee of 1k. Please How legit are they and how much can they pay?

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Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

The idea behind this type of websites are cool but don’t fall for them.
I wouldn’t call it a scam network but they are not worth the time and efforts, a friend of mine reached their 4000 withdrawal threshold but when he tried to request for his money on the 17th, he got an error message “Unknown bank slug” 
Weupdated his payment details many times but the problem persisted so we had to send them a complaint with the details using their contact page but we are yet to get any reply.
Besides this I ththink they are just out there to make money from your iignorance, a little maths will show you that you will not gain anything up to 1000 naira at the end of the month
You pay them 1000 to register.
They pay you 2 or 3naira comment and 60naira per daily sign in.
In total, you can not make up to 200naira per day from an over 2hours commenting job because they post less than 40 articles daily.
At the end of the day you will spend over 1500 on data subscription before reaching 4000 naira.
You will also pay them 15% of your earnings to receive payment. 15% of 4000 is 600naira
1000 + 1500 + 600 = 3, 100 Naira
This means you spent 3100 to make 4000. That is a 900 naira earning.
I didn’t even calculate the cost of your time, 2hours per day. Calculate how much your 2hours per day is worth if invested in son better job and you will see that you wasted your time running into loss for another man to make profit. Why not invest your 1000 naira in something meaningful. Ask your own question on what you can do with 1000 naira and I will compile a list for you.