What are the Types of ecosystem

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Mark Moon asked 6 months ago

How many types of ecosystems are there; what are they?
I will appreciate if you can provide the answers along with diagrams

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Mark Moon answered 6 months ago

Ecosystems can broadly be divided into Terrestrial Ecosystems and Aquatic Ecosystems; although there may be other texts that will classify them into 3, 4, 6 and 8 types.
These are found in the various terrestrial habitats of the earth as illustrated by the biomes e.g. tropical rainforest, temperate rainforest, savannah, temperate grassland, Hot and Cold deserts etc. The producers here are represented primarily by green plants but also include synthetic bacteria which may be of quantitative importance in specialized situations. The consumers include all the other types of organisms in the community. The principal herbivores or primary consumers which feed directly on the green plants are insects, rodents and ruminants. The herbivores serve as food for primary carnivores (secondary consumers) which may in turn fall prey to secondary carnivores, and several stages of dependency may exist.
As animal life is ordinarily present in most natural communities, they sometimes hold a controlling position or take a prominent part in the operation of the ecosystem.

    Aquatic ecosystems are found in marine habitats, brackish estuaries, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. The producers here are represented by phytoplankton (drifting organisms) like algae. Primary consumers in aquatic ecosystems include molluscs, annelids and aquatic arthropods.

    The secondary consumers (primary carnivores) are fish, aquatic birds. Like in the terrestrial ecosystem these may in turn fall prey to secondary carnivores and other stages of predation may occur.