What are the Types of microbiological culture media

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Sulhazan Staff asked 8 months ago

Give the type of culture media in microbiology & its method of preparation

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Sulhazan Staff answered 8 months ago

Types of microbiological culture media:

  • minimal media – it contains only ingredients necessary for microbial growth;
  • general-purpose media – contains specially selected ingredients to ensure the growth and multiplication of different micro-organisms;
  • selection media – contains components that enable growth of only a specific group of microorganisms;
  • differential media – contain a component that allow an observable change when a specific chemical reaction takes place.
    In order to prepare the solid microbiological media use clean and dry glassware, appropriate, carefully weighed amounts of chemicals which should be dissolved in distilled water. Pay attention to the order of addition of ingredients and the use of salt hydrates. In the prepared mixture of compounds, check the pH. Flasks and tubes should be tightly clogged with wool or lignin plugs, and then wrapped in aluminum foil to protect it from getting wet during sterilization.