what is a computer?

Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

How do you define computer, please explain in details.

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Sulhazan Staff answered 1 year ago

A computer can be defined as a machine that has the ability to accept, process and store data into useful information.

This data and information can be in form of numbers, text, sound, image, animations, video, etc.

The numbers, text, sound, image, animations, video, etc. that’s taken by the computer (input) is to as data.

While the numbers, text, sound, image, animations, video, etc. Converted by the computer (output) is referred to as information.

computers consists of parts and components that help to enhance and facilitate user functionality.

The two primary categories of computer are hardware and software.

Hardwares are the Physical structures that houses a computer’s processor, memory, storage, communication ports and its peripheral devices.

Softwares Include the operating system (OS) and software applications of the computer.

Computers can also be categorized into personal computers (PC), desktop computers, laptop computers, minicomputers, handheld computers and devices, mainframes or supercomputers.

This category can be based on their computing power, capacity, size, mobility and some other elements of classification.