what Is the best adsense alternative for low traffic blogs

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Musa John asked 12 months ago

A friend of mine just started blogging and his website is still relatively small. Can you recommend the best   adsense alternative he can use till the blog get accepted for adsense.
I may also be in need of the same thing; I have three different websites currently but only one has adsense and i don’t want to use the same adsense account with the others. please which is the;

  • best alternative for INDIA, NIGERIA AND KENYA
  • best adsense alternative for my blogger blogspot website.
  • what is the best alternative for my youtube channel.

I need one with easy approval and flexible payment methods et small payment threshold
I will be glad if you reply this soon;

1 Answers
Gen. Sulhazan Staff answered 12 months ago
  • Finding a better alternative to adsense is something almost every new blogger desires.
  • This almost seems impossible since there are tons of scam networks out there.
  • Apart from scams; it’s amost impossible for other networks to convert your traffic as well as google does.
  • I had tried a lot of them before but I ended up being  disappointed. My expectations were not even close to being met.
  • especially when I got most of my users from Nigeria; Same thing with other third tier countries.
  • From my experience; there are just few things you must consider when signing up for any adsense alternative especially when you still have a low traffic blog.
  • FIRSTLY: try not to expect much.  forget about all those 5dollar ecpm rate you see in reviews  because that never happens.
  • the most important  thing I want you to consider is their payment threshold, I will advice you go for nothing above 25dollars payment threshold since your blog is relatively small and your audience geographical regions are not that profitable.
  • I want you to go for the ad networks  5dollars payment  threshold.
  • that’s very  easy to meet.
  • When you get your first payment from them you can easily use it to improve  your blog.
  • Trust me, nothing discourages anyone more than not receiving a single payment From their blog (which will likely happen if you go for those networks with high payment  threshold)
  • and lastly; put user experience into consideration.You can’t afford to loose the few users you are getting. Runaway from popunder networks till you have an edge over your competitors. Trust me; there are websites  I don’t visit at all because of the ads intrusiveness.
  • I would have loved to recommend some but I don’t have personal best when it comes to adsense alternatives because I never earned from any of the till i got my adsense approval.
  • REMEMBER: TRAFFIC is the key to MONEY