What is the outcome of organzing in management?

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  • The organization is the result of the organizing process

In carrying out the process of organizing, the firm’s organizational structure will emerge. In reality, if we consider organizing as the managerial process, the organization or the organizational structure will be the outcome.

  • Proper Co-ordination is important for the organization to work properly.

Management must ensure that in designing the organizational structure through the process of organizing, they plan and make provision for proper co-ordination throughout the organization or the firm. This is because without co-ordination the firm would be incapable of functioning effectively and efficiently.

  • The right balance between centralization and decentralization must be sought

Management must be able to settle the issue of which of how much power will be centralized or at which level to allow for some decentralization within the firm. As a matter of fact, if this problem is not addressed at least in the beginning of creating the organization, future dysfunctions cannot be avoided. It is very necessary that while delegation of authority is an important aspect of organizing, how much authority is delegated to whom, must be decided very early in the firm’s operation. The company’s management must decide whether to grant more authority to departmental managers, or to grant operational heads with more power to make decisions.