when was adamawa state created

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When and how was Adamawa state of Nigeria Created and under who was it?

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The Adamawa state of Nigeria was created on August 27, 1991 by the General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida led military administration.
Adamawa state was before its creation a part of the former Gongola state which  had Taraba state also and had Yola as its capital.
The state is located in the North eastern region of Nigeria.
Its capital is currently at Yola.
Adamawa state has a total land mass of 36, 917Km2 and a population count of over 3 million people according to the 2006 census.
Adamawa state shares boundary with Borno to its West, Gombe to its west and Taraba to Southwest, and the has the Cameroon border by the east.
Adamawa used to be a subordinate kingdom of the Sultanate of Sokoto along with many parts of Northern Cameroon were their leaders bear the title of Emir which is “lamido” in the local language, Fulfulde.
Do you know that Adamawa was named after the founder of the kingdom; Modibo Adama; who was the ruler of that region during the Usman Danfodio led Jihad in 1804. He came from Gurin, he conquered many lands and tribes. 
In 1838, he moved his capital to Ribadu and then to Joboliwo in 1839. He founded Yola in 1848 but after the European colonization by Germany then Britain respectively; the rulers of these region remained as Emir and have remained so till date.

Local governments in Adamawa state

Adamawa state has twenty one local government areas which are:

  • Demsa,
  • Fufore,
  • Ganye,
  • Girei,
  • Gombi,
  • Guyuk,
  • Hong,
  • Jada,
  •  Lamurde,
  • Madagali,
  • Maiha,
  • Mayo-Belwa,
  • Michika,
  • Mubi North,
  • Mubi South,
  • Numan,
  • Shelleng,
  • Song,
  • Toungo,
  • Yola North,
  • Yola South.