Which rice brand is the best in Nigeria?

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff asked 11 months ago
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Musa John answered 10 months ago
  • Rice should be the most poplular food in the world by the sheer volume of people eating it. Imagine 80% of China, 80% of India, 80% of Africa (90% of Nigeria) plus the rest of the world that consume this staple on a daily basis.
  • As humongous as the population of rice-eating people we have on this planet, there is also a corresponding variety.
  • We have what we Basmati rice. white rice, black rice, brown rice, ofada rice, and so on and so much.

Here in Nigeria, we have scouted for the best, popular top 5 brands of this world-wide famous staple and here is our discovery.

1.  Caprice
This is imported.

2.  Mama Pride
This is unarguably the best rice brand out there. It is not only organic, it is healthy. It is not white or so brown to pass off as the more locally known Ofada rice. The taste of the ricei is in the eating!

3.  Mama Gold
Mama Gold is another produce from the company that packages Mama Pride. That is Olam.

4.  Tomato Aroso Thai
This is also imported.

5.  Royal Stallion
From the Stallion brothers, authorised distributors of the Honda line of products and other automobile brands.