Who is the best Kannywood actress?

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Gen. Sulhazan Staff asked 1 year ago
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Mark Moon answered 1 year ago

Considering their rising level, I think either Maryam Yahaya or Fati Su can be called the best actress (although, upcoming)
Maryam Yahaya
A silent achiever, Maryam Yahaya, quietly became an authority in Kannywood in 2017. An overnight celebrity, Maryam was the star actress in one of Kannywood’s biggest movies of 2017, ‘Mijin Yarinya’. A toast of many Kannywood movie producers all year long, she is one name to watch out for in 2018.
Fati SU

Multitalented Fati SU is a force to reckon with in the northern Nigeria movie industry. In 2017, she did not disappoint her fans and Kannywood film investors alike.
Although she does not belong to the new school of Kannywood actors, she has been able to reinvent herself and remain relevant through the years. A crossover act, her appeal goes beyond Kannywood as she also features in Gbagyi and Nupe films.
She was a delight to watch in the first English movie from the stables of Kannywood titled This is the Way. Fati was also exceptional in 2017 and going by our ratings, she sure deserves to be the face of Kannywood in 2017