Why is wordpress the best blogging platform?

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Mark Moon asked 1 year ago

Read alot of articles about blogging and many of them keep telling me wordpress is better compared to blogger and other platforms, I want to know why wordpress is better, I mean what are the advantages of using a wordpress blog

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Mark Moon answered 1 year ago

1. Open and Flexible
WordPress promises the use of fully custom themes and plugins. This is what gives the platform an edge over its competition. Hence, you will not be restricted to the way your website appears or the types of functionality it promises. Being an open source software, WordPress allows flexibility.
2. Easier Transition from One Designer to the Other
What if you wish to change your freelance web designer or firm? It is not an easy task as each designer or company has its own preferred platform. When it comes to WordPress designing and development, it is super easy! It functions on a universal, open source platform. Hence, the transition from one designer to another becomes easier.
3. It’s free!:)
Although you need to pay a small fee for professional plugins and themes, the basic WordPress installation is absolutely free to use. No wonder the site design platform makes for an amazing option for all business owners who are having just started the process of creating an online presence for their companies.
4. Not On your Own Anymore!
Since WordPress is open source software, it is connected with a worldwide community of designers and developers. These experts are dedicated to making it look amazing. They also ensure that there are a number of exciting ways to do so. With this worldwide community, there’s no dearth of support. So, whether you’re looking for help through the official support forum or your preferred social media, you have somebody willing to lend a hand.
5. Built for SEO
Optimizing website for detection and indexing by the search engines is the number one priority for business owners, these days. HTML websites should go through extensive modifications to highlight information that search engine robots wish to see. On the other hand, WordPress comes with pre-built with similar features. Those who wish to go beyond the default offerings can benefit from a number of amazing plugins that can maximize natural search. The packages are good enough to take SEO of your website to another level.
6. Improved Security
Yes, this is definitely, one of the major reasons one must trust WordPress. Earlier WordPress was considered to have poor security. However, this myth has been debunked now. Experienced and skilled WordPress web designers and developers will ensure the best of security for your site. They will also and make it hack-proof. However, this is not the case with traditional websites.
7. eCommerce in Conjunction with WordPress is VERY Affordable
It is now easier to sell online using WordPress. The best part is that these sites can fit into any budget. One of the best examples for this is the ‘WooCommerce’. Presently, it is the most popular shopping cart plugin. The best part is that it comes absolutely free to use. So you can start a basic online store without spending anything. For enhanced functionality, work with a payment provider (such as PayPal and Stripe for free).
8. Google’s Favorite
Yes, Google loves WordPress sites as these are regularly updated and the content is structured well. You can also get a WordPress site ranking faster than a static website.
9. Social Media Integration
WordPress theme website ensures seamless integration with social networks. So there’s no need to login specifically to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter accounts. This will be automatically integrated to your social networking community. They will instantly come to know that you have new and exciting content for them.