Ways to make money online with Google

How to make money with Google

The dream and aspirations of every man on earth is to have a means of
sustaining his life. This dream of man have never been an easy task because
you’ll have to be up and doing to in order to have something on your table.
Nevertheless, the 21st century owing to the massive technological
advancements in virtually all sectors have a promising business line for man to
sustain his life with much reduced difficulty. in this post today, I’ll be
taking you through the various ways you can take advantage of one of the top
internet service provider (Google) to make money online while you also run your
offline business. This post is just a brief on the ways you can make money with
google products and is focused on introducing to you some of the biggest online
businesses you can do from home with Google. Below are outline ways to make
money with Google.
1. Google Adsense
This is the most popular way to make
money with Google. Google Adsense is a program that pays you to run adverts on
your blog/website or youtube chanell. Each time a visitor gets interested in
the ads, you earn a commission. The more visitors your website or blog
attracts, the more ad interest you will record, and the more money you will
So, if you have a blog or website that
consistently generates a decent amount of traffic, then you should monetize it
with Google Adsense and earn cool cash. Even though it’s an easy way to make
money you’ll have to be disciplined and honest in this business in order not to
get banned by Google. This is the easiest way but to begin this business you’ll
need to have a blog/website. You can read my tutorial on how to create a blogfor free.
2. Google Adwords
This is similar to Google Adsense, but
it differs slightly in that it is meant for advertisers. To use this one, you
must have an existing business and believe me, it can multiply your profit in a
little time.
Google Adwords presents your
advertisements to internet users who are searching Google with keywords related
to your advert. So, your chances of achieving your campaign goals are very
bright as the ads and audience are well targeted.
3. Search Engine Optimization
Google lists websites on its results
pages based on the relevance of the websites to search queries and on the
authority of the websites.
The position of a particular website or
blog in Google’s search rankings can be improved (this is what is called
Search Engine Optimization
), but this requires thorough knowledge of the
various factors that Google uses to rank websites and expertise at using these
factors to a website’s advantage.
Many website owners now hire SEO
experts to improve their Google rankings. If you have a deep understanding of
SEO especially on Google, you
can make money optimizing people’s websites if you have the
4. Blogger
Owned by Google, Blogger is a free
platform; just like WordPress and Tumblr, for setting up and running blogs. If
you have some knowledge, experience, or passion for a topic that you would love
to share with others, then you can start a blog on that topic and share your
knowledge with others who are willing to learn from you.
Once you have built a large readership,
your blog will generate huge traffic consistently, and you can monetize your
blog with Adsense, affiliate marketing, sales of ad private space, and so on.
You can read my tutorial on how to create a free blogger blog.
5. Google Checkout
This is a payment-handling program
owned by Google. While it won’t fetch you money directly, it can greatly boost
your conversions and profits by serving as an easy means to receive payment
from your customers or clients online. People love convenience, and they are
more likely to buy a product or service if the method of payment is very
convenient; and that’s what Google Checkout offers, and you are likely to get
more buyers if you use Google checkout (Everybody trusts Google)
6. Google Jobs
This sticks out from the list because
it doesn’t come with the work-from-home advantage. From time to time, Google
announces job openings in its offices in the US and other countries, calling
for applications from qualified individuals.
If you will love to work with one of
the greatest company in the world, if you have what it takes, then apply for a
job at Google when the next openings are announced, and you could end up
working with one of the world’s biggest companies.
7. YouTube
YouTube is a program that allows
internet users to upload videos to the web. Not only does YouTube allow you to
share your videos with the world, but it also allows you to make money from
them. By simply monetizing your videos with Adsense or by other methods, you
will earn some cool cash based on the number of views that your videos attract.
8. Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner helps you figure
out the words and phrases that people are using in their search engine queries.
With this tool, business owners and bloggers can find out which keywords are
most likely to attract visitors to their websites and blogs. And by optimizing
their websites for these keywords, they will attract targeted visitors who will
most likely take any desired action. This tool won’t fetch you quick cash, but
it can help you generate huge profits in the long term.
9. Consulting
If you are highly experienced with any
of Google’s tools listed above, you can make money by teaching others who are
willing to learn how to use these tools. For example, if you understand
everything about SEO, you can run an e-course or membership program that
teaches people how to use and make the most from SEO.
10. Write a book
Another way to make money from Google
is to write a book that contains information on how to use and make the most
from any of Google’s tools and programs that you have used to achieve great results
repeatedly and sell the book (believe me, there are lots of people who are
looking for such information so you’ll easily get buyers).
Above are the various ways you can make
money from Google so it’s left for you to take a step and increase your account
balance. Out of all, my best is blogging because I only have to share what I
know and make money with adsense ads. See my post on things you must know tobecome successful in blogging.

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